Math Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Teachers Development Group will collaborate with you to design a personalized, comprehensive, research-based professional learning plan aligned with features fundamental to students’ mathematical understanding and achievement.

Teachers Development Group

  • It will be long term, spanning several years.
  • It will enhance participants’ mathematical content knowledge while simultaneously developing their pedagogical sense.
  • It will serve the needs of all learners, while offering special attention to learners typically marginalized because of their race, social class, or gender.
  • It will be systemic, addressing change on a school, district, or regional basis and involving teachers, administrators, instructional assistants, families, and other school stakeholders.

Professional Learning Plan Options


Studio is professional learning that is embedded in the real work of teaching, coaching, and leadership.

Studio content focuses on site-specific needs related to effective role-specific implementation of content learned during a Seminar.

  • Math Teaching Studio 
  • Summer School Math Studio
  • Math Coaching Studio
  • Math Leadership Studio for Administrators
  • Curriculum Implementation Studio
  • Math Team Meeting Studio


  • Site-specific, role-specific, collaboratively-designed
  • Support students, teachers, and leaders in sustained, everyday engagement in mathematically productive practices and decision-making
  • Can focus on specialized content.
  • Model, analyze, and refine practices introduced during a specific seminar
  • Understand and increase student agency, identity and access, especially for learners marginalized because of race, social class, or gender.
  • Foster the selection and/or effective implementation of mathematics curriculum materials
  • Facilitate the development of a powerful long-term plan for mathematics professional learning
  • Collaborate to design and implement a Summer School math program for students that embeds teacher and coach professional learning


(1-5 days per seminar; most are adaptable to a range of grade bands across PK-12 and all can be offered during the summer or school year)

  • Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics
    • How Math Teaching Matters
    • Responding to Student Current Understandings
    • Equitable and Mathematically Productive Engagement
    • Fostering Mathematical Reasoning through Justification and Generalization
    • Using Math Habit Activators
    • Planning for Effective Math Instruction
    • Assessment for Learning in, from and for Math Teaching
    • Introduction to Math Habits and Routines
  • Knowing Mathematics for Teaching
    • Equivalence through Properties of Operations
    • Using Student Strategies for Learning Number Concepts Grades PK-2
    • Using Student Strategies for Learning Fraction and Decimal Concepts. Grades 3-6
    • Mathematical Modeling
    • Other math content Seminars upon request
  • Transforming Mathematics Leadership
    • Instructional Leadership for Mathematics (for school/district administrators)
    • Instructional Coaching for Mathematics (for instructional coaches/facilitators)
    • Collegial Leadership in Mathematics (for emerging/experienced teacher leaders)

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